Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Trippin' and Clickin'

Never have I been more grateful for the small things in my life. At times I think of how much I miss my immediate family...How we laugh until we cry or how we cry and learn later to laugh...And as I was sitting in front of this screen it dawned on me how fragile time really is.
Sending emails...ordering things online...FACEBOOK (the newest digital addiction and yes, I'm a junkie as well, LOL!) creating, revising, fixing and re-revising....all of it is enough to make oneself SICK!...and heaven forbid we can't have this luxury at our disposal at all times, the world would cease to exist, right??
A few days ago for the first time in a while, I didn't have to be somewhere... I had the priviledge of being invited to a wedding in my girlfriend's family and be AWAY from work! The allure of the open road with two beautiful women (My Queen and her Mom, respectfully) seemed all too good to be true, that is until we were driving the interstate.

We arrived in the strangeland, I, unfamiliar with my surroundings and really not knowing what to expect, and what was in store was more than I could've ever thought. People have anxiety about meeting new people all the time and I, admittingly, was a little nervous, lord knows I don't need another Truck incident (*or should I say accident, LOL!), but I love watching the interaction between people and the comfort you can feel from being around people that truly enjoy each other's company.

This was apparent the entire time.

For the few days I was allotted their presence, words, jokes and stories, I felt so included. To see their jovial reactions to one another was precious and priceless. The oohs and aahs from people impeccably dressed for the wedding (and I must say, I was oh so clean..Sigh) to the warm embrace that you feel when you haven't seen a loved one in such a long time. Yes, I was invited into this world and the mental pictures of children running, grand/parents' tears of joy, the admirous looks, the thousands of pictures (thank you papparazzi, smiles), etc., could never have justice with the few letters I could strike to form the little words I know in either languages I know..But its summed up into one word: Orgullo or pride.

Being around them showed me so many different things I had to be thankful for and areas I need to work with personally with my own family. The birthdays that pass....the holidays spent over the phone...the times of frustration knowing you want to see their smiles, feel their breath, smell granny/mama/sista/cousin's food. We get so involved in our work that the things that mean the most, we miss them. 401k will only last for so long. A paycheck can only pay/provide so much. Sure, the day we leave this earth, their may be people that you worked with or worked for at the wedding, but they won't console my family with words of encouragement, they won't remember the holidays, the different "firsts", the weddings, the births...they might, and that's a very STRONG might, bring you flowers. We can't get that time back. A rapper once said, "They bring you flowers when you're dead, but never soup when you're sick..." and that really stuck with me.

At one time, I poked fun at my girlfriend about how many pictures they take and the movies, but I was wrong....How foolish of me not to see the importance of those bags of jewels called pictures you possess?? I apologize baby and to you and the family, KEEP CLICKIN'!

As we drove back it seemed like it took forever, but it was because we were coming off of a natural high, back to our noses being back to the stone--BACK TO WORK. I must say, though, it was the nicest breath of fresh air I've had in a while.

Words can't express all the thoughts and emotions I feel, but all I can say is thank you to the family....

Moral: Take back what's yours...your right to your own wonderful life..Cuidate pena (watch over your work, rough translation), it doesn't matter how you say it, just do it

*Inside joke

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