Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Word From Our Sponsor...from the good folks at 2-Cent.com!

With the mission of raising awareness about issues that not only effect our local communities, but around the globe, creator/director Brandon Odums and the 2-Cent crew has given the youths of New Orleans a more creative voice to listen to.
With their ever-growing popularity through their purpose, which is upward mobility through their personal, witty brand of education, 2-Cent uses comedic parodies, music, and more to reinforce strong messages about societal issues.
From special guest appearances, winning major awards from various festivals, to laugh-out-loud comedy, 2-Cent TV is on it's way to the top...just sit back and watch!

For more information go to www.2-cent.com or just click here!

The following is latest from the 2-Cent crew....An ode to our new Commander and Chief...


Monday, January 26, 2009


Big shout outs to Angel Suri for dropping this one! It has definitely kept me on the edge of my SEAT!! Hot or not you decide....follow the links for more info and additional pics of these kicks!--> Avant-Garde Affinity <-- or see them in action here!

NEW MUSIC from B.o.B.

Atlantic Records artist B.o.B is setting the tone in 2009 and beyond-and it sounds sweet. B.o.B., an Atlanta-based lyricist, fuses raw piano keys with synth patterns, coupled with strong lyrical content to create another contagious sound brought to you straight from the eastside of the ATL. Featured in the XXL magazine as a "top freshman of 2009" and with songs that delve into our consumer psyche ("Generation Lost") to club heavy club bangers ("Haterz Everywhere"), B.o.B. is sure to be a "comet" in the music industry.

Featured here is B.o.B.'s single "I'll be in the Sky" and the latest joint "Lonely People"...Enjoy...For more information on this artist click here !

You heard it here...!@?

A Word From Our Sponsor...The Name of a New Era for Mr. West!

Kanye West, along with Fonzworth Bentley and a cast others, were the talk of the town in Paris. The entourage adorned in everything from Luis Vuitton scarves to Gucci boots shut the scene down! And more importantly, the emergence of Kanye's new moniker! Stop. Look. Listen.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

W T F M O M E N T ! @ ?

A big shout out to Kandyce for this one. Apparantly, a famous NY baker selling racist cookies in honor of President Barack Obama's inauguration and calls them "Drunken Negro Heads"! The Lafayette French Pastry owner Ted Kefalinos is bugged out!!! FOX NEWS Arnold Diaz reports....

when will we learn people...!@?

Just Thinking...

Its approximately 4:09am....up thinking....thinking....about dreaming...how cool it is to close my eyelids and drift past the compound called my room...lost in the lull of hot breath blowing from my vent...under the canopy of shadowed spiderwebs unseen...and just like them, I would spin a slow cascade of blissful blunders...
But no, I'm stuck...stuck to dream about dreams that are unseen...and that brings me to ask myself; why do we look for things that may not be there?? Where does that confidence come from to venture into the unknown?? I think it may be the rush...there is something sinister and sexy about the dark...something that threatens and beacons...cautions but welcoming...and come to think of it, it is always interesting how people change when in the dark...not just literally ( :chuckle: )...but how the most shy or reserved people tend to shed those inhibitions when they are vaguely out of sight...the silhouettes expanding and constricting...the breaths....the eyes...and meanwhile you have been trying to hide what you think are insecurities, but are actual strengths-you just did not know how to express them or did not know you possess the confidence to share it...
More importantly, you realize that if no other time in your life...you've really been experiencing sunshine the whole time...GET EXPOSED!...

The joint is by Nujabes..."Beat Laments the World"....Good night...or is it Good morning??


Thursday, January 15, 2009

W T F M O M E N T! @ ?

Wouldn't it be a real WTF moment if your friend broke your camera? Or if you were listening to your music and someone SMASHES you on the head with a BIKE?!?!.....


Just Been Thinking...

Just a song i've been feelin' lately..."Coldest Winter" a'la Kanye West's 808's & Heartbreak...shoutouts to randeezy_4_cheezy@hotmail.com for the written lyrics and the good folks at Original Hip-Hop Lyric Archives for good work day in and out.......

On lonely nights I start to fade
(On lonely nights I start to fade)
Her love is a thousand miles away
(Her love is a thousand miles away)
Memories made in the coldest winter
Goodbye my friend will I ever love again

Memories made in the coldest winter

it's 4am and I can't sleep
(It's 4am and I can't sleep)
Her love is all that I can see
(Her love is all that I can see)
Memories made in the coldest winter
Goodbye my friend will I ever love again

Memories made in the coldest winter
Winter, winter

Goodbye my friend will I ever love again
Goodbye my friend will I ever love again
Goodbye my friend will I ever love again
Goodbye my friend will I ever love again

If spring can take the snow away
(If spring can take the snow away)
Can it melt away all of our mistakes
(Can it melt away all of our mistakes)
Memories made in the coldest winter
Goodbye my friend I won't ever love again

Never Again


Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Ranting of a Madd Man (Soap Boxx) Definition Time!!

Reciprocity.....it is a REAL word....nothing too hard or fancy...


Thursday, January 08, 2009

A Word From Our Sponsor...DOUBLE FEATURE!

Shout outs to iKandy for this jewel...a fellow writer, friend and Epicurean of music.... ;-) I present to some and introduce to others, Nujabees...two classics..."Battle Cry" and "Highs 2 Lows" feat. Cise Starr of Cyne...