Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Word From Our Sponsor...from the good folks at 2-Cent.com!

With the mission of raising awareness about issues that not only effect our local communities, but around the globe, creator/director Brandon Odums and the 2-Cent crew has given the youths of New Orleans a more creative voice to listen to.
With their ever-growing popularity through their purpose, which is upward mobility through their personal, witty brand of education, 2-Cent uses comedic parodies, music, and more to reinforce strong messages about societal issues.
From special guest appearances, winning major awards from various festivals, to laugh-out-loud comedy, 2-Cent TV is on it's way to the top...just sit back and watch!

For more information go to www.2-cent.com or just click here!

The following is latest from the 2-Cent crew....An ode to our new Commander and Chief...


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