Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Just something I decided to add..

My African American Culture class often has interesting information (i know, OF COURSE IT DOES!), but our current discussion topics in class have be really interesting. Things like Abolitionist papers and black revolutionaries are sort of inspirational, but I sometimes wonder how far from those times are we really...Well, the topic was (roughly) "If Nat Turner came to you about a slave rebellion, would you join?" This is what I wrote:

If Nat Turner came to me about the slave rebellion, he wouldn't have to ask me to join; I would be there asking others. People who start rebellions have a moment of clarity, I believe. Do i continue to suffer with no results or do I suffer to make change? It's not just a matter of numbers because it's going to start with or without a following. I would mobilize others in trying to join, but i understand everyone wouldn't move with the same sense of urgency. The thought of going along to get along makes my blood run fiercely through my veins and makes my steps steady as I run home to my family. If they don't understand my words, they will know with my actions. As i look in my wife's eyes, i would let her know that this battle isn't in vain, and whether I come back or not--I will be free.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

hmmm...tsk,tsk,tsk....FUTURE OF FAMU??

With all of the things that you can associate with FAMU, my illustrious Alma mater, one thing is for sure--there is never a dull moment. I admit, it has been a while since I've let my mind dribble over these keys and leave a deposit here, but I currently find my self in some sort of...funk, you might say, over the life on the hill.

I, a newbie by most standards, haven't had the pleasure of building long-standing relationships with cohorts past and present within this University. Only being a few years old, I am an example of Darwinism--whether it be good or bad, that's to be determined. I tear myself from the loving teat of my sleep, engulfed by the warmth of these soothing sheets and sturdy vertical blinds keeping the day at bey; to climb the treacherous hill, filled with stray papers, deceitful teachers and the black hole grudgingly called student financial aid. It is very true that the quick in wit, socially astute, and mentally strong survive these pitfalls, but my heart does go out to those who fall by the way side...

You would be very wrong to believe that one could possibly venture throughout their collegiate career and not get sucked into some sort of extracurricular activity--S.G.A., P.A., P.R.S.S.A., A.K.A., A. Phi A., A.K. Psi., or any other organization with a nice acronym. Now don't get me wrong, these organizations teach one the tools they need to better in their society, workplace, and/or school (or at least they should be), I enjoy the talk of different organizations and what they contribute to my school.

It's the magnitude of talk and concern over the small stuff I can't understand.

Recently I had a chance to visit a blog hosted by my fellow peers and because of this I decided to check it out; I was really in for a surprise. In the beginning, my eyes were welcomed by vivid pictures of fellow Rattlers enjoying the many sports we have to offer as well as candid shots of our student athletes, from the MEAC champs to the disappointed stare of others leaving the battlegrounds. But this wasn't it. Seeing a thread of interest, I decided to click on the thread and there was nothing but line after line of gossip. Anything from disgruntled people interested in Greek Organizations and their allies to allegations of bad campaigning habits could be found here. The use of language was closer to a vulgar teenager--not a degree-seeking student.

I know, I know "You don't know these people/the circumstance/what had happened.." I wouldn't dare try to snatch the thunder of why you feel the way you do. I would be trying to take away the very thing that makes us unique, which are our passion for different things within our lives. My beef is with the lack of campus consciousness displayed by the lines of nothingness shown on the blogspot.

Now I'm not saying you should riot or turn 'Black Panther' overnight, but just realize there are larger things happening that could directly/indirectly affect you and the rest of your tenure here at FAMU. Excellent teachers who haven't gotten paid--that STILL TEACH (dedication), student workers, some that have showed up to the school with EVICTION NOTICES, pleading for some sort of help, and still work their various positions within the school, the steady decline of enrollment, FINANCIAL AID ('Nuff said)--these are causes of uproar and outrage because no one has any answers.

I enjoy the wildness and energy of each the Greek Letter Organizations. I've never seen so many people on fire (or so it seems) about changing their school for the better by being elected for one of the many student elected positions. The friends, the parties, the teachers, the relationships--all these things add spice to being a college student. But where will all these things take you if there is no college to go to? If all the esteemed colleges and schools lose their accreditation? If you have MAGNA CUM...whatever in Party-ology and Mix-ology, but no B.A. or B.S. degree?

I know this is going to fall on deaf ears--due to people slowly destroying themselves. I believe that I'm justified in my...funk...about my school because I don't want just anything handed to me. But, rather, make the school WORK FOR ME...Survival of the fittest doesn't not only means body, but mind and soul as well and to do this you must stay abreast of what is REALLY going on with your Larry Fishburne said it's time to WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Go to this link===> if you want to see what's on the minds of some Rattlers