Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Word from Our Sponsor...

If you have not bought the latest from Common, you are truly missing out! Universal Mind Control will definitely go down as ANOTHER classic from Common. This album was constructed by Pharrell Williams (of N.E.R.D. and StarTrak) and Kanye West--NUFF'SAID!!!

Here's one off Universal Mind Control by Common featuring Cee-Lo titled "Make My Day"..


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Anonymous said...

Oh mY gOOdnESS i lOVE cOMMon so mUuCH.. i AM sUpER ExcITeD he CaME oUT WIth tHIs 1.. tRUe StORy i lISten to IT FroNT 2 bAk evERy dAY.. I wisH I KneW HOw 2 spEAk fRENch!! NoT to meNTioN hE IS seXXy az HeLL.. evERy onE MUsT gET ON!!